Midnight Mass Music and Carols beforehand

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Clotilde: My son just finished driver's ed class! Yay for having another driver soon. Boo for watching his childhood slip away. Mar 29, 2019 10:40:50 GMT -5
RitaMarita: Congratulations, Clotilde!!! And it is SO true... They grow up SO FAST... My little niece I took care of as a baby is turning 18 this year... Apr 2, 2019 11:47:22 GMT -5
catholisa41: voxxkowalski: Could you please delete my catholisa41 account. I left Facebook on April 9 and I would like to leave this one also. Thank you, signing off, Lisa Anastasia (in Facebook no more) Blessed Pascha to you all. But I am busy with my autism son. Apr 13, 2019 19:23:41 GMT -5
Voxxkowalski: Is there something we’ve done to offend. Apr 15, 2019 14:52:22 GMT -5
Marya Dabrowski: Happy Easter!! Apr 20, 2019 21:04:16 GMT -5
carloscamejo: христос воскресе, воистину воскресе Apr 21, 2019 10:38:07 GMT -5
Marya Dabrowski: Huh? Speak American, Carlos! Apr 21, 2019 15:29:31 GMT -5
Pacelli: It’s the Eastern Rite Catholic salutation for Christ is Risen, He is truly risen. Apr 22, 2019 12:27:59 GMT -5
Marya Dabrowski: Thanks, Pacelli:) What language is that?? Apr 22, 2019 21:28:52 GMT -5
carloscamejo: Church Slavonic... I can read Cyrillic for some reason, so i put it to good use... Apr 23, 2019 8:18:25 GMT -5
Voxxkowalski: Thank you Carlos! Indeed he is risen Apr 25, 2019 15:04:22 GMT -5
Voxxkowalski: tradcath.proboards.com/thread/1845/litany-holy-face-video May 4, 2019 20:23:13 GMT -5
Voxxkowalski: tradcath.proboards.com/thread/1845/litany-holy-face-video May 4, 2019 20:23:24 GMT -5
peremat: i need an email of a sedevecantist priest in Africa.. am being denied sacraments by the norvus ordo establishment...my email is peremat@yahoo.com Aug 20, 2019 3:34:12 GMT -5
Voxxkowalski: Peremat...sorry we can help you with that. Africa is a Big continent btw Aug 20, 2019 18:38:32 GMT -5
Marya Dabrowski: Happy Thanksgiving. For all those traveling tomorrow, safe travels! Nov 27, 2019 21:11:06 GMT -5
Clotilde: Thanks! We had a very nice celebration with friends. Nov 30, 2019 13:29:41 GMT -5
Marya Dabrowski: I'm going to try to have the kids put out their shoes tonight; first time ever! Dec 5, 2019 13:56:49 GMT -5
Clotilde: We got a new St. Nicholas statue and I was very pleased with the quality! I buy gold coins at Aldis for the shoes and usually they get new clothes or some PJs. We went to DL for the feast. Dec 7, 2019 1:27:28 GMT -5
Marya Dabrowski: Gold coins are a good idea. My kids only got gum or tic-tacs or a couple pieces of chocolate. I wish the toddler would have not been one of the first ones up to keep digging through everyone's shoes. Dec 8, 2019 10:38:54 GMT -5
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